v0.5 Boss fight and game ending

Boss fight

  • Visual indication fight has started with health bar and camera moving
  • The boss is harder than other enemies and has guaranteed good loot drop
  • Other enemies that spawn will die with the boss
  • Boss has two spells to choose from

End game portal

  • Go in the portal to end the game “successfully”

Player death

  • Thought this was gonna be easy but there were a lot of situations to consider with multiplayer
    • I have covered most/all of them?

Camera shake

  • Configurable in the options menu

Other changes

  • Wall tileset actually tiles properly now
  • The interaction text is less shitty
  • There’s a MacOS build now, if it works it’ll definitely look like malware


foundjutsu-v0.5-71a6fc7.x86_64 67 MB
Version 1 86 days ago
foundjutsu-v0.5-71a6fc7.exe 134 MB
Version 1 86 days ago
foundjutsu-v0.5-71a6fc7.zip 107 MB
Version 1 86 days ago

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