v0.8 Bushes


  • Added a small bush that moves when walked on
  • Has 3 different appearances
  • Will appear semi-randomly in the map
    • I place them manually then they are moved/sprite changed/potentially deleted on game start

New spells

  • Wide Fire: Ice Spear + Explosion
    • Fires 3 fireballs in an arc

Better player detection

  • Enemies alert others nearby on player detected reddit post
  • The detection radius gets temporarily bigger when you hit an enemy

Archive screen

  • See your past sessions on this screen
  • Thinking eventually I’ll list all the spells the player has discovered here too

Other changes

  • Removed some of the complexity from the background - I thought it was a little distracting
  • Player hurtbox and enemy hitboxes are a little bit smaller now and only active during attacks
    • actually did the math on the melee attack to determine how long the hitbox should be active


foundjutsu-v0.8-79573f5.x86_64 34 MB
Version v0.8-79573f5 67 days ago
foundjutsu-v0.8-79573f5.exe 33 MB
Version v0.8-79573f5 67 days ago
foundjutsu-v0.8-79573f5.zip 25 MB
Version v0.8-79573f5 67 days ago

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