v0.12 Wind Shards

New Spells

  • Second tier Air spell: Wind Shards - works like explosion
    • As the first part of the combinations makes tornado-like spells
    • Tornados kinda randomly in the casting direction by picking 4 random directions using Vector2.RIGHT.rotated(_rng.randf_range(0, 2 * PI)).move_toward(original_direction, 0.5)
    • If the second spell is tier 2 they home in on a target

New character

  • Air ninja - pretty straightforward, required a refactor to have different bosses
  • Playable after defeating them as a boss
    • Had to refactor the boss to let me have a second one

Other changes

  • Bosses can now use aoe spells
  • Might have broken save files, delete your save with either
    • Linux: $ rm ~/.local/share/godot/app_userdata/foundjutsu/*.save
    • Windows: %APPDATA%\Godot\ - delete any .save file

Going to have a break for a little bit but next feature should be status effects


foundjutsu-v0.12-3252ca6.x86_64 34 MB
Version v0.12-3252ca6c 26 days ago
foundjutsu-v0.12-3252ca6.exe 33 MB
Version v0.12-3252ca6c 26 days ago
foundjutsu-v0.12-3252ca6.zip 25 MB
Version v0.12-3252ca6c 26 days ago

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