v0.11 Room progression

Room progression

  • The rooms are all closed when the game starts
  • The rooms open when all the enemies are defeated
    • When the map is generated the spawners tell the room how many enemies to wait for
  • The wall tilesets for all the rooms merge together on game start
    • Had problems at first because I forgot to use world_to_map()
  • Worked in multiplayer first go

Other changes

  • Jutsu modification drop rates changes based on tier of drop and whether a boss/strong enemy dropped it
  • I added multiple mods as a drop option finally


foundjutsu-v0.11-f2390ba.x86_64 34 MB
Version v0.11-f2390ba4 43 days ago
foundjutsu-v0.11-f2390ba.exe 33 MB
Version v0.11-f2390ba4 43 days ago
foundjutsu-v0.11-f2390ba.zip 25 MB
Version v0.11-f2390ba4 43 days ago

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